Professional Blogger Partnership

Do you have a Professional DIY Blog featuring DIY furniture tutorials, home improvement ideas, or even woodworking demos? If so, Timber Wolf would love to partner with you on your next project that calls for wooden components such as table legs, corbels, furniture feet, or vanity legs.

Contact us today to see how we can support you, your blog, and your next build!

For You, the professional blogger:

Any products out of our stock offering (on the website) that will be used in your furniture build.

We realize that building your own furniture on a frequent basis can get quite expensive when incorporating sourced components like table legs, so let us help. Timber Wolf will provide the stock components (legs, feet, corbels etc) for your build free of charge. Simply browse our website and choose products that best fit your design then contact us with your media kit (blog information and audience statistics) and we will hook you up. 

Design and Drawing Support

Timber Wolf also offers full 2d and 3d drawings of their products. These drawings can be easily imported into SketchUp or other CAD based softwares. As a blogger, you can have access to the drawings of the products you use, but we don't stop there. Timber Wolf also offers full design support for your build - if you are not fully capable of drawing out your piece of furniture in CAD we will help. We can set up a call with one of our in-house engineers to help design and draw your build so you can publish better quality tutorials.

Project Page on

In addition to the products and the support we will also publish a project specific page on our site when your project is completed and published on your blog. This page will detail your blog and the specific project our products were used in. The page will be created by Timber Wolf and published on and will link to the project on your blog. This is our way of saying "thank you" when the project is completed.

 For select DIY bloggers Timber Wolf offers a custom product track. This includes working with you to design a product specifically for your project's needs. We will help you design it, then we will engineer and develop tooling for that new product. Once created, we will include the new product into our line and name it after your blog (because we give credit where credit is due).  

For Your Audience, the DIY blogosphere:

Free Shipping on all orders over $200

Enough with the hidden charges and unknown shipping costs, Timber Wolf offers free shipping on all orders over $200. Your audience will enjoy the ease of online ordering and save some money in the meantime.

5% off Affiliate Coupon

After your project is completed Timber Wolf will furnish you with an exclusive 5% off coupon that your audience will be able to use. You will have complete control over the distribution of this coupon in case you want to include it in plans or in the blog post itself. The coupon will be good only once per customer and will be specific to the products used in your build.

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